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Afraid to Raise Your Prices? Check Out These Tips

Posted by Chris Kelley on September 21, 2022

In recent months, prices have been on the rise, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. This price increase has had a ripple effect, leading consumers to take a more critical look at the prices they're paying at retail. Retailers are under pressure to keep prices low, but in some cases, price hikes are necessary to protect margins. But poorly strategized price increases can actually hurt profitability.

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Best Practices for Better Business Blogging

Posted by Chris Kelley on August 4, 2022

Many businesses use content marketing to spread their message to their prospects and customers. Blogging, email, and social media let businesses become their own media outlets by publishing branded content that captures the attention of their potential customers by delivering quality information that answers the questions they have during their buying cycle.

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Getting the Most From Your Trade Show Marketing

Posted by Chris Kelley on March 29, 2022

A trade show is a great place for hardware and building products brands to show off their products and network with peers and prospective buyers. But if you think your trade show booth is where all of the action happens, you’d be wrong. Successful trade show marketing requires planning and hard work before, during, and after the show. Here are some action items to get the best results from your next trade show.

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Let's Get Phygital! Blurring In-Store and Online Customer Experience

Posted by Chris Kelley on February 16, 2022

Phygital retail. It’s a new buzzword for an omnichannel sales approach that offers shoppers a connected experience whether they are shopping in-store or online. It’s a strategy that builds upon the boom in online shopping as well as click-and-mortar, when buyers pick up items they ordered online.

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Topics: Consumer Retail Channels

9 Simple Techniques to Sharpen Your Content Marketing

Posted by Chris Kelley on September 14, 2021

Marketing is a competitive field, and as such, it's important that your content stand out from the rest. There’s no doubt that content marketing is an essential aspect of business growth. However, it can be difficult to harness the power of this tool.

In this blog post, we offer some best practices for writing better content marketing that will help your business grow. These simple guidelines will help you create high-quality content that engages your audience, generates leads, and converts prospects into customers.

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Topics: Building Products Channels, Inbound Marketing

What is a Brand Guide and Why Your Company Needs One

Posted by Chris Kelley on August 24, 2021

In most organizations, there are several people who speak on behalf of the company. The marketing team may oversee your company’s website, sales reps give presentations, and each employee might set up their individual email signature. It’s important that everyone keep your company’s message on-brand. A brand guide provides a framework for your organization's internal and external communications efforts and helps to ensure that all marketing materials, be they print, web, or multimedia, communicate a unified feel.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

The QR Code Comeback: How to Use QR Codes in Marketing

Posted by Chris Kelley on July 6, 2021

A few years ago, QR codes were a forgotten relic of marketing technology that never quite took off. Nobody knew what those strange little pixelated thumbprints were, much less how to use them. But now that we’ve all become familiar with this technology and its usefulness in marketing campaigns, businesses are coming up with innovative ways to implement QR codes into their strategies.

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Topics: Advertising

How to Get Started with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Chris Kelley on March 23, 2021

Marketing tactics are constantly evolving with more efficient and effective ways to reach buyers and influence their buying decisions. Today, consumers have virtually unlimited information literally at their fingertips.

Consumers browse the Internet to find technical specifications, product information and compare prices from competing brands right on their smartphones. This product research – as much as 57% of a consumer’s decision-making process – happens before the buyer ever engages with the brand for a purchase, leaving less opportunity for a product distributor or company sales rep to be involved in their buying process.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

What is inbound lead generation?

Posted by Chris Kelley on January 27, 2021

The lifeblood of any business is its contacts, leads and customers. Keeping the steady flow of people to buy its goods and services requires a non-stop lead generation process sourced from several different lead streams. But not all leads are created equal.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

4 Things I Learned About Content Marketing by Repainting my House

Posted by Chris Kelley on September 30, 2020

I recently painted nearly every room in my house. It was an ambitious and laborious DIY project (respect for all professional painters). Although I couldn’t be more satisfied with the completed product, I underestimated the total effort and time involved in the process, from picking out paint colors and taping off trim, to actually doing the painting, not to mention all the touch-up afterwards (more props to the pro’s).

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Topics: Inbound Marketing