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How Content Enrichment Can Improve Your eCommerce Experience

Posted by Roger Peterson on June 18, 2020

Although the economy as a whole is suffering due to the pandemic, major hardware and home center retailers have seen a significant jump in online sales due to the rise in consumer shopping from home. Here are some tips to help you maximize the visibility as well as sales conversion of your products in online channels.

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Topics: Consumer Retail, Shopper Marketing, Home Improvement, Amazon

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your NPS Customer Survey

Posted by Roger Peterson on February 12, 2020

What do different customer groups think of your brand or products? How loyal are they? Do they like your brand enough to recommend it to their friends or colleagues? For a marketing/communications manager, these are important things to know about your customer base.

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Topics: Consumer Research

7 Tips To Help Marketers Use Amazon More Effectively

Posted by Roger Peterson on March 31, 2017

When it comes to retail trends, no single organization has done more to change the way that people shop in recent years than Amazon. This remarkable company is innovating at a faster pace than everyone by improving the shopping experience with rich, easily searchable content and by adding the immensely popular Prime. Sellers who ignore the impact of this marketing juggernaut run the risk of missing a huge opportunity to reach a constantly growing number of customers who shop online first.

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Topics: Home Improvement Channel, Connected Consumer, Brand Marketing, Amazon

10 Tips for Marketing to Professional Trades

Posted by Roger Peterson on July 29, 2016

Professional tradespeople are a proud, independent group with a strong personal identity. They are entrepreneurial in character, but always remain builders-of-things at heart. They appreciate it when anyone expresses a sincere respect for their craft. When buying their tools and supplies, they expect a certain amount of attention, whether that occurs at a specialty dealer or in the big box retail environment. They feel their needs are special, and they expect products and services that cater to them.

Improving your success rate for marketing to professional tradespeople requires a good understanding of this unique identity, what messages resonate with them, what media they consume and, ultimately, how they make purchase decisions.

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Topics: Messaging, Media Habits, Professional Services Marketing, Contractors Marketing

3 Marketing Strategies to Target Millennials

Posted by Roger Peterson on March 15, 2016

In Part 1 of this blog post, we discussed why it’s time to start marketing home improvement products to millennials. This post is dedicated to exploring how we can effectively reach this important audience with media, messaging and merchandising strategies that build relationships and, ultimately, drive sales.

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Topics: Consumer Retail, Consumer Research, Home Improvement Channel, Millennials

Providing a Fresh Face to a Legendary Service Provider

Posted by Roger Peterson on December 9, 2015

Heinzeroth develops new website for Northern Illinois Hospice

To provide a more compelling and relevant format for sharing the inspiring stories of its patients and their families, volunteers and staff members, Northern Illinois Hospice partnered with Heinzeroth to develop a fresh, content-rich website to increase engagement and conversion.

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Topics: HMG News

3 Reasons to Market Home Improvement Products to Millennials

Posted by Roger Peterson on December 9, 2015

Millennials (adults 20 to 34) represent a massive consumer audience with growing economic might. They are 74 million strong, accounting for 25% of the U.S. population and representing $170 billion in spending power. They grew up in a time when there has always been an internet, so their on-demand access to information and social networking has formed who they are as human beings and consumers. They represent the future of our industry… a world where marketing is a two-way ongoing dialog and the consumer has equal weight in the equation. 

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Topics: Consumer Retail, Consumer Research, Home Improvement Channel, Millennials

Do Technical Professionals Use Social Media For Work?

Posted by Roger Peterson on May 6, 2015

If you are still somewhat skeptical that social media plays an important role in marketing to engineers and other technical pros, there is new evidence that suggests we should reconsider its merits. Not only is social media growing in importance as a resource for professionals, it is often among the first places they turn to for contact information, product reviews, how-to videos, and other work-related research.

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Topics: Social Media

Great Clients Inspire Award-Winning Work

Posted by Roger Peterson on May 1, 2015

Heinzeroth earns 4 ADDY Awards at AAF-Northern Illinois Competition

Winning awards for the work we do is not our inspiration – helping our clients achieve their marketing goals is. But it’s always nice when our peers sit up and take notice. Recently, Heinzeroth Marketing Group took home 4 awards at the 2015 ADDY Competition, including a Silver, 2 Golds and coveted “Judge's Choice.”

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Topics: Client Work

What To Know About Online Shopping of Home Improvement Products

Posted by Roger Peterson on March 31, 2015

Online shopping continues to escalate in the home improvement channel. In fact, 70% of online buyers actually prefer to shop online versus in-store, according to The Farnsworth Group 2015 study: “Online Purchasing Behavior for Home improvement Products.”

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Topics: Shopper Marketing, Home Improvement Channel, Connected Consumer