The Under-Appreciated Potential of YouTube Advertising

Posted by Roger Peterson

December 11, 2013

YouTube Advertising

Its no secret that web video has been exploding in popularity.

Consumers regularly go to the web looking for product data and demonstrations in the form of user-friendly video content. Because YouTube is not a traditional browser, few people realize that it is the No. 2 search engine on the planet, just behind Google.

Although Search Engine Marketing continues to play a greater role in most company advertising programs, paid search on YouTube has not seen the same kind of growth. Our sources at Google (owner of YouTube) say that YouTube is largely undiscovered among most marketers and provides huge potential for reach and advertising value.

Most amazingly, using the key performance metric of Click-Thru Rate, YouTube absolutely blows away every other type of online and mobile digital advertising. It isn't even close. While most kinds of digital ads deliver CTRs in the .o5% to 1.5% range, YouTube's View-Thru Rate (VTR), their version of Click-Thru Rate, is an astounding 20%! Yes, 1 in 5 people who search for a term such as "how to paint a room" will click on the top sponsored link and watch the video. This translates to a significantly lower Cost Per Click as well.

Developing video content for the online and mobile web is an important priority for marketers today. But it is equally important that you maximize the videos' exposure and brand building performance, and this can be accomplished by a smart use of SEM dollars.

HMG is experienced at developing quality, short-form demonstration and testimonial videos and is equally adept at planning efficient, targeted digital media plans, to ensure optimal performance and exposure of your content. Give us a call today to learn how we can help.


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