How Blogging Revs Up Your Content Marketing

Posted by Loren Heinzeroth

February 22, 2019


Illustrating the many marketing advantages of having an active blog on your website, this infographic by WebsiteBuilder provides insightful data that anyone involved with content marketing should find interesting. For example, having an active blog is said to yield 55% more site traffic and 97% more inbound links.

While Google and other search engines are constantly changing the rules governing organic search position, it still appears that special weighting is given to a properly structured blog. For maximum SEO benefits, each blog article should be planned with best practices in mind. That typically includes good quality content as well as context for key words. In other words, Google respects content as well as relevance of that content. Keywords – both individual words as well as longtail phrases-- should be used carefully, not excessively, in article elements such as the page URL, article titles, body copy as well as image alt text.

There are several other insights in this infographic relating to how you can get more bang from your blog. If you are planning to revise or add a blog on your corporate website, or you'd simply like to learn more about how an inbound marketing partner can help you build greater momentum in your site's activity, please contact us.




Of course, the end game in blogging is to attract people who are searching for information, then engage them with great content and convert them into leads by offering something further of value. With that in mind, you may find this material helpful in your content marketing efforts:

Strengthen Your Blog Content With Case Studies

Free Guide Writing Effective Case Studies

Case studies are always among the best content you can develop for your blog as well as social media program. Your sales team will also appreciate how a continuing stream of case studies will help reinforce your brand's leadership in key markets and product applications.


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