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Marketing Tips for 6 Social Media Networks

Posted by Chris Kelley on February 26, 2020

Marketing on social media can be daunting for businesses just getting started. Unlike advertising in trade publications and other traditional media, social networks enable a two-way conversation. You post and promote your business’s marketing messages, and your followers can reply, share, and comment on your posts.

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Building Brand Awareness Through Advocacy Marketing

Posted by Lisa Nielsen on February 13, 2018

Advocacy Marketing

There are many ways to build brand awareness through early adopters and others we might target to achieve positive product reviews and referrals as well as more frequent sharing of your product story. Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Videos and Influencer Marketing are some of the techniques considered to be effective in getting the conversations started. Within that spectrum of person-to-person initiatives, Advocacy Marketing is a tool specifically intended to harness the power of consumers who are already sold on your brand.


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Do Technical Professionals Use Social Media For Work?

Posted by Roger Peterson on May 6, 2015

If you are still somewhat skeptical that social media plays an important role in marketing to engineers and other technical pros, there is new evidence that suggests we should reconsider its merits. Not only is social media growing in importance as a resource for professionals, it is often among the first places they turn to for contact information, product reviews, how-to videos, and other work-related research.

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6 Tips for Shooting Better Marketing Video

Posted by Corey Fraley on March 4, 2015

The use of video as a tool for educating prospects, launching products, engaging customers and converting sales has exploded. A recent Heinzeroth blogpost noted that 74% of all online content will be video in just 2 short years. With this monumental growth in video content, agencies and in-house marketing departments are scripting, shooting and editing more video than ever before. 

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Home Sales Renew Marketing Emphasis On Recent Movers

Posted by Loren Heinzeroth on February 6, 2014

With existing home sales continuing to rebound, marketing of products to “recent movers” is once again becoming a key focus for companies that sell in home improvement channels. In contrast to tactics that may have worked 5-6 years ago, before the bubble, a new and carefully crafted mix of in-store and out-of-store communications can help you engage these heavy spenders and convince them to choose your brand over others.

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The Under-Appreciated Potential of YouTube Advertising

Posted by Roger Peterson on December 11, 2013

Its no secret that web video has been exploding in popularity.

Consumers regularly go to the web looking for product data and demonstrations in the form of user-friendly video content. Because YouTube is not a traditional browser, few people realize that it is the No. 2 search engine on the planet, just behind Google.

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Reasons your company should be using Pinterest now

Posted by Chris Kelley on June 1, 2012

Powerful networking tool not just for fun anymore

Pinterest exploded onto the scene this past year as both a popular social media site for consumers and as a powerful marketing tool for companies.

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How to Engage Your Audience More Effectively on Social Media

Posted by Chris Kelley on December 1, 2011

Data Unveils Effective Strategies for Retail Facebook Posts

In a very short timespan, social media has secured its role as a means of building trusting relationships with key audiences. Retailers have found social media tools such as Facebook particularly beneficial for driving traffic to store promotions or special events. It’s safe to say that all retailers are in agreement on this flourishing medium’s power to communicate and to motivate. But what they all don’t agree on is the frequency and the content of their postings. This article, distilled from a recent Buddy Media statistical report, discusses social media research findings such as “the best times for retailers to post” and “the most effective types of content.”

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Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

Posted by Lisa Nielsen on November 1, 2011

How does Google+ stack up against Facebook?

Google+ came screaming out of the gates when it was released in June. Excitement over the social networking tool appears to have cooled somewhat since the launch, but membership is still nearing 10 million, although “active usage” is still nowhere near Facebook’s. For comparison, Google+ has 32 million unique monthly visitors while Facebook enjoys 700 million (nearly 22 times the traffic).

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YouTube, The Swiss Army Knife of Business Communications

Posted by Roger Peterson on March 1, 2011

When YouTube exploded onto the scene a few years ago, few people realized that this highly popular video sharing service would emerge as a versatile, wildly successful marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. Aside from handy product demonstrations, businesses have discovered scores of other uses. And the best part… they’re all free.

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